Why peas you ask? Why do I love them so much? Well, when my husband and I moved out to the West Coast – I thought I knew a thing or two about gardening. However, each and every day I learn something new. It is a hobby that ever changing. While we were attending one of the many farmer’s markets we would frequent, I noticed several individuals carrying around bouquets of a flower that I had no idea what it was. After going on several garden tours, I saw many different sweet peas growing in gardens. I learned that the fragrance is so intoxicating, but it is the one fragrance in nature that human hands can not duplicate to perfection. It is easy-to-grow from seed and makes a beautiful vertical, climbing in the garden. Once I started growing sweet peas, I ventured into edible varieties, however, my husband protested since he hates peas. I knew his opinion would change once he experience the taste of freshly grown peas especially sugar snap and snow peas.


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